Advice for Language Teachers going Digital – Richard Osborne

In this presentation, I’ll sum up my advice after several months of teacher training on going digital during and after confinement.

I’ll talk about the key things I’ve learned from training hundreds of language teachers in France of varying levels of technical experience on how to go digital, in particular teaching using video conferencing and associated support tools. The presentation will consist of advice and guidance on :

  • Which video conferencing tool to choose
  • Key principles of teaching language via video conferencing
  • Which tools I recommend to use during a language lesson over video conference
  • Key principles when creating digital language exercises for inside and outside the classroom

This presentation takes place in “English 2 room” on Tuesday 28th July at 18:00 Paris time (CEST). To access the room, please click here to consult the visual map (restricted to registered conference attendees).

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