Approaches I use to help my students to do their first steps in Russian – stories, pictures and memes, videos, by Victoria Maximova

I teach adult students. Some of them use Russian in their work, others study this language for the love of it or just for fun. In both cases my students want to see the results as soon as possible.

To some extend, it’s incompatible with rather complicated Russian grammar. Many of my students speak one, two or even three european languages and expect to acquire the Russian language in the same easy way. And the first meeting with the structure of the Russian sentence can be disappointing.

The common view and the general feeing concerning the Russian language surely doen’t help. So as a teacher I’m always in search for approaches and opportunities which could encourage and fortify their wish and demonstrate that the Russian language can be easy and simple. I see the great power of funny pictures, memes and simple videos – they help me to creat stories and strike students’ imagination even when their vocabulary is still very poor. 

In fact, I start to teach the first Russian letters – I start with the story “The Monster and the Princess”. And all my experience shows that this approach (controversal? non conventional?) functions.