Carol Bausor

I am now the Queen of Zoom!  I am so happy to have been able to have the opportunity to learn how to make my Zoom presentations and workshops super active.  That’s why I would LOVE to be able to put people in sub-groups, use the white board, conduct polls, share my screen, and do a load of tricks that I have learned.  I had imagined delivering a workshop from a classroom in Agen, and had thought it through with a lot of practical exercises … and now I can do that online!  You know that my credo is always: practice what your preach, so I will be working on energy, variety, impact, to help our fellow teachers take that leap from teacher to presenter (and to dare to abandon power point!!!)

My biggest presentations recently have been in Denver, Colorado, in the presence of Karen ROWAN, and a couple of weeks ago on line to 200 people from all around the world!  I have won Toastmaster speech competitions, and this year have earned the AFCP (Association Française de Conférenciers Professionnels) label as MC!  Yay!