Comprehensible Input with Songs and Jazz Chants by Janique Vanderstocken

I love to sing, even though I often sing out of tune. And I sing very often in my classes.

Meanwhile, I have created many songs in which I incorporate expressions or commonly used words. The melody supports the lyrics and helps my illiterate students to remember the expressions and words.

Since they cannot read, this extra support is really an added value.My students don’t mind that I sing out of tune, on the contrary! It encourages them to sing along with me.

I also really like the Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham. Especially the fact that she uses real spoken language – the street language – in her jazz chants is an added value for me. I like the combination of songs and Jazz chants with stories. In the workshop you will experience first hand how compelling songs and Jazz chants are. I’ll tell you stories and combine them with a song and Jazz chants. You will come and sing along, won’t you?