Discussion getting to know your students with Tamara Galvan

About 12 people participated in this discussion from a wide variety of countries and with more or less CI and teaching experience. Teachers teach online and in person to children to 85!

1/BE THERE- Annemie Bytterber
Personnal Questions and answers are great, but sometimes it is important to step out of the classroom and be with your students outside the classroom, sharing sone of your time and you with them in their own environment/language. Etc. (Robert says go to their ball games, be there, show up..)

2/ GUESSING GAME (intermediate level)- Helene Cormier
Put up 7 numbers or fun facts about you and ask the students to find the questions to found out what these are (for example: 2> do you have 2children? No. Do you have two cats? Yes)
And then have them to do the same in pairs or with volunteers.
Bonus: allows assessment of levels!

Have the students prepare interview questions for you and then ask them if you are hired to be their teacher. They like to try to trap you!

4/CIRCLE OF CARE (beginners)- Anna Glicher, Georges Drumwright
Ask the students to draw a circle of care and put on it who is on their team/ who can they count on and you make yours on the board. No language needed at first. They don’t share it to the class but you look and ask in Target language: Is it your mother? Father? Therapist? Etc? and create a generalized CIRCLE OF CARE on the board which is great for creating support.

5/ Special Person Interviews of Star of the Week- Classic CI-Adaptation Anna Glicher
!st trimester allows staying in a safe shared language

Make a small circle of 12 max, then add yourself. Do another circle after if more students.
Put the shyest student on your right and the most outspoken student on your left. Ask questions to student on your right and have them introduce themselves, the second person on your right introduces them and then themselves, until the 12th student who must introduce everyone then themselves!! Everyone applauds but then you ask if they are finished, and they realize it is your turn and you introduce everyone! Great connection.
Adaptation: Similar circle but at random with a soft kid American football – Tamara Galvan

7/ Elevate Education> Getting to know them is showing that you care! Anna Gilcher

8/ Interplay questions ( avoid being to personal to protect them/ creates safe zone)- anna Gilcher and Georges Drumwright
Ex: Wheres’s a place you like to read?
Today would you be flowers or chocolat? Rose or thorn? apples or onions?
What color are you today?
Sometimes why?

9/ Online or everyday ritual: Quoi de Neuf ? What’s up ?- Georges Drumwright
Have to say something more or less long.

10/ Nastiest Food Picnic- Darcy Chase
Go around the class: we are going on anastiest food picnic, and what would you bring and why?!

11/ Flipgrid introductions are amazing for distance teaching- Tamara Galvan
(see Jason Fritze info) allows lots of CI in a short fashion and a safe environment.

12/ Just talk about me in a very impersonal matter and don’t talk about them at all until they are ready to- Online- Helene Cormier

13/ Card Talk- Beatrice Drumwright what’s your favorite animal? What are you afraid of?
But very limited when you have one student she said from experience.

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