Janique Vanderstocken

I have been teaching Dutch in Gent (Belgium) for 36 years. My students are illiterate adults with whom I don’t have a common language. I prefer to teach at the lowest language levels.

In 1985 I followed a TPR training session and since then I have been a real fan! A few years ago I attended a TPRS workshop with Kirstin Plante and she convinced me to use TPRS in my lessons.

I also like to work with Story-Listening (thanks to Beniko Mason and Alice Ayel for their videos on the internet). Story-Listening allows me to use optimal input in my lessons and is a nice methodology for illiterate people.

I like to sing (although not always on pitch, but I don’t care) and so I often use songs and jazz chants in my lessons. For illiterate students, music is a very useful tool.

I train other teachers about effective methods for illiterate students at the CNO (Center for training and education – University of Antwerp), at the “Thomas More College” in Mechelen and at the Eekhout Academy (2022). I have given guest lectures on “literacy in combination with language learning” at the University of Antwerp.