Laurie Clarcq

Laurie Clarcq has taught Spanish in primary, middle school, high school and college during the last 37 years. She is also a presenter, teacher-trainer, teacher-coach, blogger and consultant. Laurie presents frequently in local, state, national and international conferences such as the International Forum for Language Teachers (iFLT) and the National TPRS conference.

She has helped countless teachers feel more comfortable and confident about their abilities to use Comprehensible Input-based instruction. Laurie is the co-developer of a teaching strategy called Embedded Reading, now used by teachers worldwide. She has been an important part of the Agen Workshop.

On her blog, Hearts for Teaching, she says :
I am not an “expert”. I am not a “guru”. I am not a PhD. I am not a “researcher”. I am definitely not a techie. (although I try!!) I am a teacher with a lot of time in the classroom, a strong desire to provide success for my students, an intense interest in connecting with other teachers, and a great love of language. I love puzzling out how to do anything better. Figuring out how to share ideas and information in a better way puts me on cloud nine.