More Motivation, Less Frustration: Why is Teaching with Stories so Motivating for both Teachers and Students? – Liam Printer

The presentation will begin with an overview of my longitudinal research as part of the Doctor of Education programme at the University of Bath, which focuses on the motivational pull of teaching languages through storytelling. Through the use of case studies, it will provide attendees with an evidence base, grounded in classroom research, explaining why teaching through storytelling is so motivating for both students and the teacher. TPRS is often studied from an outcomes perspective but little is being done around its motivational influence. I have condensed and summarized my own research and review of the literature into 3 distinct areas that teachers can take away and immediately put into their planning, that are proven to increase motivation: relatedness, belonging and competence. These are the building blocks of the widely accepted and researched ‘Self-Determination theory’ (Ryan and Deci 2000). I will demonstrate how these can be applied to storytelling in order to maximize student motivation and learning potential.

It will then focus on specific strategies I use in the classroom aimed at maximizing student interest, participation and learning. Strategies and approaches to both increasing language input and output will be shared and practiced among attendees with the goal of every teacher being able to take something away, they can immediately try in their classes with little or no preparation.

This presentation takes place in “Spanish 2 room” on Tuesday July 28th at 16:00 Paris time (CEST). To access the room, please click here to consult the visual map (restricted to registered conference attendees).