The Basics of Acquisition Driven Instruction – Teri Wiechart

What are the three steps of Teaching with Comprehensible Input and how do you put them into each and every lesson?  What are the two unbreakable rules that must be followed? They work for every student, every level, every age.  Come learn the basics of Acquisition Driven Instruction and see how your teaching will be changed forever.

This establishes the foundation of teaching for language acquisition.  It is rooted in Blaine Ray’s TPRS, Stephen Krashen’s Hypotheses and Bill VanPatten’s research.  Once teachers understand the background and the steps to follow for every lesson, they will be able to create their own lessons and develop a curriculum that meets the needs of their second (or third or more) language learners.

This presentation takes place in “Spanish 1 room” on Friday July 31st at 16:00 Paris time (CEST). To access the room, please click here to consult the visual map (restricted to registered conference attendees).