The Write Process by Robert Harrell

This one-hour session will get participants started on writing a CI novel. Research shows that reading is one of the largest contributors to gains in language. Students find reading both enjoyable and beneficial in language acquisition. Teachers constantly seek new books for classroom libraries.

The major hindrance is the lack of books, particularly for languages other than Spanish and for intermediate readers who wish to continue with the language outside the classroom. The jump from scaffolded reading with a teacher’s assistance to independent reading can be daunting. Authentic resources often assume cultural knowledge and language proficiency intermediate learners may not possess, and most CI books are intended for use by teachers in the classroom and aimed at novice learners. While applicable to all levels, the focus of the session is on genre writing for independent reading by intermediate language learners.

This session will introduce participants to story milestones and structure, genre expectations, and strictures of comprehension-based writing. Participants will work on an outline or start of a text, depending on their writing approach.

This session will provide you with a framework, resources, and impetus for writing a comprehension-based book. At the end of the hour, you should have a start on your book, either an outline or text. You will leave with a resource document, worksheet, and access to a pdf of the slide presentation.  

Bring a computer or paper and pen.