Three EASY Ways to Make Your Classes More Dynamic with Total Physical Response – Kirstin Plante and Carmen Meester

Many of us know about Total Physical Response, but do not use it regularly in our classes. Maybe because we never learned to do it well, or maybe because online videos of TPR seem so old-fashioned. But letting your students perform actions is a delightful way to make your classes, stories and conversations more dynamic, to quickly teach new vocabulary and to support a variety of input activities. In this workshop you will learn how to use the unique features of Total Physical Response to make your classes more dynamic and focused on natural language acquisition.

Even in a Zoom-session, we’ll have you use movement to learn new words, to show your food preferences, to learn classroom routines or to support the meaning of a new sentence in a story. We’ll show you how to use short and easy TPR-sequences to liven up your classes and enhance language learning. There will be time for discussion and questions.