What is the Agen Workshop?

During the week of July 27th to July 31st, we are offering a wide variety of presentations and round tables. There are some wonderful people who you have heard of before, such as Laurie Clarcq, Jim Tripp, Michele Whaley, Robert Harrell, Karen Rowan, Cécile Lainé, Anna Gilcher, Dahiana Castro, Scott Benedict, Teri Wiechart, Diane Neubauer and others. But there are others who you may not have seen on the other side of the Atlantic. Normally you have to come to Agen, France to meet Alice Ayel, Hélène Colinet, Liam Printer, Kathrin Shechtman, Margarita Perez Garcia, Jayne Cooke, Carol Bausor, Pilar Reyes Sierra, César Gonzalez Paso and Janique Vanderstocken.  For many years now teachers around the world have been discovering Krashen’s principles and the teachers who have applied his ideas to the classroom. The Agen Workshop has always been special because it allowed teachers from very different horizons to become good friends. A hundred people came together and spent a week together in a little town in southwest France, learning together but also eating together and partying together, sharing their ideas, their experience, their stories and their passion for teaching. Our challenge as we go on-line will be to try to encourage the same informal conversations that were so important for everyone. We hope to do so by organizing more Round Tables and rooms for socializing and chatting in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin or Arabic, where you can listen, exchange ideas and ask questions. We also hope to integrate in each presentation a few tips and tricks about teaching on-line.